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How should we preserve our leather products for a long life?

To keep the shape of leather clothes, always hang them on wide or wide hangers. Use shoe holders for shoes and stuff cloth in empty handbags. Thus, they keep their shape.

Never store leather items in plastic or airtight covers. This will dry the skin.

Allow wet or moist leather to dry naturally and away from any heat source. You can use a shaper to regain the leather's elasticity. To regain the look of suede, you can brush it with a towel.

During the winter, swiftly remove salt residues from clothing and shoes. For this purpose, use clean water and a sponge. Then follow the above procedure for wet or moist skin.

Avoid very humid and dry environments and direct sunlight.

Do not use wax, silicone products or other skin preparations that impair the breathing properties of the clothing.

Wrinkles should be removed on the hanger. If ironing is necessary, set the iron on the rayon setting, take the heavy brown wrapping paper and press it on the right side of the garment as an ironing cloth. Act quickly so that overheating and crusting do not occur.

Do not spray perfume or hair sprays while using your garment. Do not use pins, adhesive tapes or labels. By using a neck-level shawl, you can keep your hair and body fat away from the neckline.

Edges can be fixed with very little rubber adhesive. For best results, consult a skincare professional.

All products intended for home use should be tested on a minor portion of the garment.


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